Finalize Your Enrolment

After your first contributions are deposited to your FPP account, you are required to complete three important steps to finalize your UBC Pension Plan enrolment.

1. Register for Online Access

You may have already registered for access to through the UBC group health and dental benefits plan. The pension and benefits plans are both with Sun Life, so if you have an access ID and password for the group health and dental benefits plan you do not need to register again. You can use the same access ID and password to manage both the FPP and the group health and dental benefits plan.

If you have not already registered on, use the account number contained in your welcome email from Sun Life to do so.

2. Select Your Investments

The contributions to the Plan are being invested in the UBC FPP Balanced Fund. This default investment option may not be suitable for your personal financial situation.

To change the allocation of your account balance and/or future contributions among the Plan’s seven investment options sign into your account online or call the Sun Life Client Care Centre.

3. Designate a Beneficiary

Your beneficiary is the person(s) or organization(s) that you choose to receive your pension benefits after your death.

If you have a spouse, you must name your spouse as your primary beneficiary under BC Pension Legislation. Should your spouse wish to waive their right to the death benefits they must complete a Spouse’s Waiver of Beneficiary right to benefits in a Pension Plan, Locked-in Retirement Account, Life Income Fund or Annuity before Pension or Annuity Payments Start Form.

If you do not have a spouse, a beneficiary may be an individual or individuals, an institution, a trustee, or your estate. If you do not designate a beneficiary, the default beneficiary will be your estate.

Please submit the completed Beneficiary Designation and Authorization Form (FPP) to Sun Life at the address on top of the page 1.

For additional information, refer to Designating Your Beneficiary.