Investment Education

To ensure the best possible fit with your financial goals and objectives, we strongly encourage you to learn as much as possible about the Plan’s investment options. The following articles are available to assist you with your learning:

Asset Allocation Choices







As a member of a defined contribution plan like the UBC FPP, you are responsible for making decisions on how to invest your assets, which will ultimately impact the amount you accumulate for your retirement income. This article examines the key concepts that are important to consider when deciding on what asset allocation is right for you.

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Evaluation of Investment Options and Managers in the UBC FPP







UBC FPP members have access to diverse, well-managed and cost-effective investment and guaranteed fund options to build their investment portfolio. These options are continually reviewed by the UBC FPP Board of Trustees along with the Executive Director, Investments. This article covers key investment responsibilities within the Plan, common reasons for investment changes, how investment managers are evaluated, and how investment changes are communicated.

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Guaranteed Investments






Guaranteed Investments, including Guaranteed Funds and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), are one of the seven different investment options offered by the UBC FPP. This article describes how Guaranteed Investments operate and how they are different than the other investment options offered in this pension plan.

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Using GICs in Your Investment Strategy






How do you determine if Guaranteed Investments are right for you, and how to best use them? This article discusses various management strategies, and other considerations (timing, inflation, risk level, etc.) when incorporating Guaranteed Investments into your portfolio.

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Why Fees Matter







There are a variety of places to invest your money — regardless of where you invest, you will likely pay fees for the financial products and services you receive. Fees can have a significant impact on the value of your investments over time, so it’s important that fees are competitive, transparent, and reflect a good value for the services provided. This article describes the fees paid by members of the UBC FPP and compares them with fees paid for similar investments incurred at other institutions.

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