For New Members

The UBC Faculty Pension Plan is a defined contribution plan and is co-administered by the UBC Pension Administration Office and Sun Life. The Plan is an integral part of saving for your retirement.

Your Plan newsletter, UBC FPP Update, is sent to your UBC work email address. You can continue to receive important updates about the Plan by keeping your email address current in Workday.

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Investing in Your Future

The FPP is an integral part of saving for your retirement. Upon retirement, each member is responsible for making decisions about how to turn their retirement savings into a pension income. Before retirement, it is the responsibility of the member to make decisions on the investments that are most appropriate to meet their personal goals.

Your Responsibilities

As a member, you are responsible to:

Finalize your enrolment.

After your first contributions are deposited to your FPP account, you are required to complete three important steps to finalize the enrolment process.

Make investment decisions.

You will be required to make investment decisions and understanding how they will affect your account balance.

Be informed about the FPP.

It is your right and responsibility to be informed about the Plan, its features, services and benefits, using the information, documents and tools available.

Review your quarterly account statements from Sun Life.

UBC Pension Plan statements are available online. You may elect to opt in for paper statements through your online account.

Manage your account.

As your risk tolerance, personal situation and plans for retirement will change over time, it is important that you regularly review your account and make adjustments as needed.

Member Services

Contact Member Services with any questions you may have regarding the UBC Faculty Pension Plan and your retirement benefits and options. The UBC Pension Administration Office also offers seminars for new and mid-career members and for members approaching retirement at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.