The Plan’s Board of Trustees is responsible for designing appropriate investment options for Plan members and for selecting and monitoring the investment managers who invest the assets.

Investing is a personal decision. It is important to understand the investments in your Plan as it is your responsibility to make investment decisions that are most appropriate to meet your personal goals. You are responsible for determining how to invest both your contributions and the University’s contributions.

Investment Education

To ensure the best possible fit with your financial goals and objectives, we strongly urge that you learn as much about the various funds as possible.

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Investment Options

The Plan’s seven investment options offer a variety of asset classes, enabling you to create your own portfolio from a list of specially constructed funds. Learn about the Plan’s diverse investment options.

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Investment Fund Updates

The Trustees regularly monitor the performance and asset mix of the fund options and make changes as appropriate. Learn about the changes made.

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Investment Performance

Investment performance is monitored regularly and reports are available on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. View the different types of investment performance reporting.

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Managing Your Investments

Investment changes can be made online at or through the Sun Life Client Care Centre at 1-844-UBC-3131. Learn how to manage investments online.

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Market Commentary

Read the latest market commentary on what is happening in the investment markets.

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FPP Investment Bulletin

Subscribe to the FPP Investment Bulletin, a short email digest prepared by the UBC Pension Administration Office. This digest contains links to investment news and market-related information.

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