Market Commentary

Market Commentary – Fourth Quarter 2022

Financial markets faced uncertainty about future monetary policy in the fourth quarter. Signs of peaking inflation, along with market expectations for a downward shift in the pace of monetary tightening, boosted investor sentiment and led to widespread gains across asset classes in the first two months of the quarter. Positive sentiment reversed in December in […]

Market Commentary – Third Quarter 2022

At the start of the third quarter, there was widespread optimism that inflation had peaked and that slowing economic activity would allow monetary policymakers to limit further tightening and perhaps pivot toward lower interest rates sooner than expected. This sparked a rally across asset classes into late August, at which point U.S. Federal Reserve Chair […]

Market Commentary – First Quarter 2022

Both bond and stock markets started 2022 poorly, as investors began pricing in aggressive interest rate hikes in the face of rising inflation and slowing economic growth. As highlighted in previous commentaries, these trends were firmly in place towards the end of last year, but the military conflict in Europe has intensified price pressures and […]

Market Commentary – Fourth Quarter 2020

The fourth quarter of 2020 marked the reemergence of the equity bulls, as stock markets around the world accelerated to the upside starting in November. The timing was coincident with the announcement and expected rollout of several highly effective vaccine treatments for COVID-19, as well as renewed lockdowns and restrictions across many regions. Significant macroeconomic […]

Market Commentary – Third Quarter 2020

In the third quarter, economic activity bounced back forcefully from the record-breaking economic contractions the quarter earlier. Equity markets rallied alongside the improved economic data before correcting in September, as it became evident that governments globally were once again considering shutting down economies to combat the spread of COVID-19. Economic output remains far below that […]