Simplify your investments and consolidate them online

When you bring your other registered plans to the UBC FPP, you can track and manage all your investments in one spot. And thanks to the buying power of the FPP, you’ll pay competitive management fees. Why not simplify where you watch your money grow?

New Asset Consolidation Tool: Transfer your funds online into the FPP

Active members can now easily consolidate registered plans online through your member account. Sign in at, then under Investments, select Manage plan > my plan > Put money in > Transfer registered plans to UBC FPP and follow the prompts.

Deferred and Retired members can transfer external registered assets from a financial institution, by using the Application for Direct Transfer of Assets into the Faculty Pension Plan Form.

To transfer your registered pension plan from a previous employer, please contact us.

For more details about transfers into the UBC FPP, visit the Transfer-in from other Registered Plans page.