Staff Announcement: Executive Director, Pensions

Orla Cousineau, Executive Director, Pensions will retire in August 2022. Orla joined the UBC Pension Administration Office in 2015 and during her time with the UBC FPP has made many contributions. Orla led all activities related to the administrative operations of the Plan and supported the leadership team of the UBC Pension Administration Office. She provided strategic advice and guidance to the FPP Board on administrative, regulatory, and governance activities, and helped the Plan continue to be cost effective and well managed. Orla was part of the team that brought a new investment option to the FPP, the UBC FPP Fossil Fuel Free Equity and Bond Fund, and she also helped lead the transition of the Plan’s recordkeeping to Sun Life, resulting in increased administrative efficiencies, a robust member website and customized online tools for the FPP.

The FPP Board would like to thank Orla for her seven years with the FPP and wish her the very best in her retirement.

Derrick Johnstone has been hired as the new Executive Director, Pensions and will begin his role in July 2022. Derrick has over 25 years of experience in financial services and pension management, which includes management of public and private sector pension plans. Since 2013, Derrick was the Chief Executive Officer for the IWA-Forest Industry Pension and LTD Plans, where he worked closely with the Board of Trustees, and was responsible for the pension administration of over 70,000 members.