Beyond Retirement

What’s next after retirement? Retirement may be a big change in life for some. Things such as your daily routine may change or the network of people you see every day may change. Luckily, there are many ways you can stay connected with UBC. There are also many resources through the greater community and online to help support your transition into retirement.

Stay Connected with UBC

The great thing about being a part of a community such as UBC is that no matter where you are in life, you are always welcome. Take advantage of the attractions and facilities that the campus has to offer such as the museums, fitness facilities, and campus gems such as the UBC Botanical Garden and Nitobe Gardens. Some of the attractions and facilities also offer discounts for seniors. Now that you have the time, take language, travel, or other courses of interest through UBC Continuing Studies.

Visit the UBC Human Resources site to learn more about the privileges offered to UBC retirees.

Community & Online Resources

Visit our Helpful Links page for a list of web links to various online and community resources such as the BC Seniors Guide, Canadian Association of Retired Person (CARP), and BC Seniors Housing.