Investment Fund Updates

Termination of the Hedge Fund

The FPP Board of Trustees terminated the current investment in the hedge fund with BlackRock Inc. as of December 31, 2014. This fund was not meeting the performance expectations established for the fund. The existing Policy Mix for this hedge fund was a 3% allocation in the Balanced Fund and a 6% weighting in the […]

Investment Changes Affecting Bond and Balanced Funds

A change was recently approved to the allocation amongst three of the Fund’s current bond managers as shown below. This change provides a larger allocation to the two bond managers that employ a Core Plus mandate (ie. PIMCO and Alliance Bernstein). This Core Plus mandate allows a broader range of the type of bonds they […]

Investment Mandate Change affecting Bond and Balanced Funds

As of July 2013, State Street Global Advisors, one of the Plan’s bond managers, has slightly changed their investment mandate. Their prior mandate was an “Enhanced” index fund seeking to outperform the bond benchmark index (i.e. DEX Universe) by 0.15% per annum. As of July 2013, their new mandate is a fully passive one and […]