Member Services: Who Do I Contact?

Member services for the UBC Faculty Pension Plan are provided by both the UBC Pension Administration Office and Sun Life Financial. Below is a table with the contact information for the most common inquiries and requests by members.

UBC Pension Administration Office
Phone: 604-822-8100
Sun Life Financial Customer Care Centre
Phone: 1-844-822-3131 (1-844-UBC-3131)
Contact the UBC Pension Administration Office for the following:

  • General questions and information about the UBC Faculty Pension Plan
  • Questions regarding the Plan’s investment options
    and/or retirement options
  • Registration for retirement and new member seminars
  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting
  • Transfer-In from external registered plans
  • Voluntary contributions
Contact the Sun Life Financial Customer Care Centre for the following:

  • Assistance registering or navigating, as well as password resets
  • Address changes for Deferred and Retired members
  • Bank account, payment frequency, or other requests regarding
  • Variable Payment Life Annuity Payments (VPLA)
  • Scheduled payment changes or lump sum withdrawal requests from RRIF/LIF-Type Payment accounts
  • Beneficiary changes
  • Lump sum withdrawals
  • Tax slips for VPLA members
Visit for the following:

  • Forms
  • Information about the Plan such as investment options and retirement options
Log in to for the following: 
(not applicable to VPLA members)

  • Account balances, personal rates of return, and statements
  • Investment changes
  • Guaranteed investment funds maturity
  • Tax slips
  • Forms
Visit Workday for the following:

  • Address changes for Active members